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    • I'm going to be down in Monterey at the end of May for work, and we were thinking of taking some vacation beforehand. People who have visited that part of California: what are your favorite places to visit? Things to do and eat?

    • yes the Aquarium is top notch and the coastline is to die for... they have some like canning company which is really like a strip of stores and restaurants... it’s a pretty great place.... I miss my pal luke who’s from there!

    • High on the list, the aquarium. And to wander around Cannery Row. The Carmel Mission is also worth visiting. If you want to walk, Pacific Grove. Don't miss Old Monterey and if you feel like driving, the 17 Mile Drive.

    • I would suggest getting there as early as possible, some easier parking at the end of the row away from the aquarium near the start of the hotels.
      Also a block or more back from the frontage road has some cheaper parking alternatives.
      Now I say early as you can walk around while not being too crowded, then go have lunch outside the aquarium but get your hand stamped so you can come back in close to closing. You can get the place almost to yourself just before closing and catch the divers cleaning the large tanks and sit watching the giant mola mola. If you can time it to catch the feeding in the big tank that is pretty darn cool as well.
      If you have a morning to spare, driving down the coast towards big sur has some epic views, also a wonderful local place for breakfast or an overnight (check hours) at
      Gas is a little cheaper at the giant chevron just before you head south on hwy1.
      Carmel is worth a walk through, nice but expensive arty town. Fun little breakfast spot
      if you can swing it dinner at casanova it is pretty neat too

      Lovely part of the coast.

    • Brian, if you like beer, hit The Halford in Santa Clara. 71 beers on tap. Taplands is another Santa Clara beer spot worth finding.