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    • ⬆️ This 13 year old girl in my parents LDS ward (congregation) bore her testimony in church today. What makes this so amazing is that until recently, she was unable to communicate. Now she can thanks to modern technology. Simply amazing.

    • Beautiful.

      My kids watched with me and wanted to know more about the letter board she used. That led us down an interesting rabbit trail to a mom who explained why her son opened up his world to her and others via a letter board, when he was unable to via a computer or tablet. She said it was the connection. The human element of her being with him and watching to understand what was going on in his head. It was so validating for his thoughts to have his mom there 100%, rather than to just be using a device. (I know other people have good success with devices, so of course it’s an individual choice.)

    • Thanks so much for sharing, Annie! Awesome that you have been able to dig deeper into this topic and that your family was also moved by her testimony. My dad is her Bishop and he has said interviewing her has been one of the most profound experiences of his life. Simply amazing.