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    • Cloud computing certainly appears to be the way of the future for computer storage and processing but is it the most desirable long term solution or even likely to be maintained in the coming decades? Having so much information in one location makes it vulnerable and with the increasing power of computer chips it may be more desirable to have storage and processing in more locations rather than fewer. Consider nuclear power plants and their vulnerability to terrorist attacks. It's possible to make mini nuclear power plants and bury them under the ground in many different places. We can also have millions of separate solar panels connected to a grid rather than fewer large generating stations. Transmission lines are a place where lots of energy is lost and economies of scale sometimes go through periods of diminishing returns. Every time I hear of a cloud computing hack I think that smaller might be better. The group that uses Cake at this time is a biased one due to working in the current computer industry so I'd be very interested if there is much variance in your answers here.

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