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    • I’ll get to the punchline right away. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with working with an underage model as long as her mother is present and engaged. I say this because my experience at Shutterfest 2017. There were so many “mom-managers” working with their children. For a long time I had a hard and fast rule that I was not going to photograph children unless I was specifically asked to do so. I’ve seen some cute kids that would be great in concept I would ponder about. My fear was the conversation with the parents would go south and I would be branded as some kind of predator. I’m working with JaQue and her mother and all is well. Children as well as adults are not always personally aware of their facial expressions and characteristics it’s a learned behavior that assigned her mother to deal with for me. The mother has modeled for me before. (Pictured below) The fear that I had is gone because I’m doing everything right.

    • Huh, that's interesting. I don't think I've ever thought about this but then again I've mostly photographed young children. Does that make a difference? I guess I have a hard time remembering when a young child's mother wasn't present naturally.

      Great photo, by the way. Love the natural expression.

      I have a different question about photographing children, however. What's the best thing wrt filming or photographing kids at public events? I would often go to a school event when asked to photograph a soccer game or something, and end up making the gallery private or password-protected in case some parents had concerns. What about the cover image for the gallery? A social media post informing the parents of the gallery?

    • Yeah Chris there are so many variables to deal with. These people are my friends and I’m still not cavalier with her daughters images unless I had strict approval from the mother and child. There are so many unsavory types out there. It’s a shame that we have to live this way, but we do. Thanks Chris

    • Hello Chris, wrt your question on posting images of children, I have wondered about that same issue as well. I have always taken the approach that I leave my albums public unless specifically asked not to. After 6 years I have only ever been asked to make one album private and that was a wedding of a lawyer, although I do make others private from the start like our Boudoir albums. With children, I do think that there is a need to consider privacy but, as a policy, choose not to privatise the albums...yet.

    • As a mother, and a woman, and a photographer, this is something I consider regularly. I recall my first Photoshop World, I attended a meeting on legal considerations for a photography business, and it really made me very reluctant to take pictures of those under 18. Granted, portraiture in general is not my first love. But done responsibly, children are so beautiful, just a delight and an image can capture a moment that they will too soon outgrow. The bad apples, and there are way too many of them, have definitely made us all more cautious.

    • LLChapman thank you for answering you openly and honestly. I find myself at public parks, festivals, and fairs with my camera in the bag because I don’t want to labeled that weird black guy in the wheelchair with a camera. I don’t bother with children. I end up doing a lot of canine photography most times with the owners permission. Those sick people out there has ruined my ability to catch special beautiful art. Such a shame. Thanks again.