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    • I am not sure where the bread lines in Russia reference is coming from, but if someone explains, I'll do my best to shed any light if I can.

      Sorry, I was thinking of your story about IRC during the coup attempt in the 1990s and my memory of that time in Russia from the news was of rabid inflation and severe shortages of necessities.

    • Ah, I see. It wasn't specific to the coup(s), early 90s were in general a hard time, remnants of USSR disintegrating around everyone. On the other hand, those who actually grew up in USSR, especially outside of Moscow and Leningrad and maybe Novosibirsk, were very much familiar with shortages of mostly everything.

    • Neither Amazon nor any other retailer, shop, factory or restaurant chain are not magic.

      The more I think on this, I feel as if they're ready to dump the commerce and live on as a company through their cloud & IT services. I am interested what you think.

    • Thank you for helping me notice a mistake in double negatives there :)

      I am not sure they are ready, nor do I think they want to. But I feel quite certain that they are actively looking in multiple directions to be able to diversify (in particular, I suspect they are VERY attentively studying what Elon Musk does, and not because of some market competitive issue, but because of his (relative) success in solving multiple problems and creating efficient manufacturing pipelines).

      Amazon more or less invented the modern cloud computing business model, and they do have a first mover advantage, to a point. But there's so much more to explore in that area for them, they are just starting with the content industry for example, and in the very very beginning of the gaming industry involvement... and that's just online. Then there's the Blue Origin, and all the endless possibilities of orbital economies, whenever that becomes feasible.

      But I don't have a feeling they want to step away from the money river of commerce. They are too well positioned to keep wiggling their toes in it.