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    • I was interested to read an article on ADVrider the other day about Mosko Moto taking a deeper dive into riding gear and their new Woodsman Enduro Riding Pants

      ...but sadly the article missed the point, by a very long margin, what seemed to start out as a press release seemed more like a mixed opinion piece, I'm sure the writer meant no ill will writing it, but he really missed the point of what and who these pants are made and designed for, maybe because he hasn't seen them in person, so if that was the case how can you write a review?

      A little background, Mosko Moto is a company that started back in 2013 with a certain direction, design and make products for Enduro styled adventure riding, this is an extension of that ideal.

      Their luggage is very known nowadays for is superb quality and durability, and they are now moving into riding gear in the same manner.

      I get it, it's how I ride! I purposely look for a route from A to B with more dirt than pavement, 50% is usually easy, 75% is occasionally tough, 90%+ takes research, but that's what these pants were made for, people like me who avoid the pavement at all costs regardless of what the track is like.

      They are for a niche market, and a niche of that niche and they do it extremely well.

      ITB (in the boots) pants are not always easy to find if you don't want to look like you are in full MX gear, and that gear is lightweight for a reason. It is made to be worn for a race, reduce weight, and not have any unnecessary add ons like pockets, for your hands or armor.

      ...but if you are enduro/ adventure overlanding you need pockets to stash a few things, you need more strength in the material than a $50-150 pair of lightweight MX pants can offer, but you also want similar things that those MX pants offer.

      You want enough space in the knee area where you can wear stand-alone armor/ knee pads or braces because you know in a crash it will stay in place better than pads in a pocket in the pants. You want less material and no fasteners or zips in the area below the knew so they are comfortable ITB where they were designed to fit. These pants have that design, Mosko get it, they are made for aggressive riding, not really 50/50 riding or less.

      And because MX pants aren't for this type of riding, vents are really needed and they added four of them to help reduce heat build-up, and after your ride, you might just want to keep them on, just because...those neon MX pants, not so much!

      They aren't made for the average adventure rider or dual sporter who likes a few logging tracks and graded dirt on their ride, they are made for the rider who looks purposely for the red route. the black diamond route, the single track that other riders avoid.

      To be in this class you have to start fresh, research fabrics, really research and do durability tests, be aware of water-proofing but not let it be the major concern, that's what over pants are for, and Mosko sells them too.

      Mosko decided to make a product that really doesn't exist, their competition is themselves, their test track is the Pacific Northwest where they abuse their products for months before releasing them to the public.

      I showed these pants to a friend who is very much an outdoors adventurous person, "nice pants", she felt the fabric, "wow these are something special."

      "How much do you think they cost?" I asked



      "I'm not surprised, you can tell as soon as you touch them they are using exceptional materials, you'd never know by seeing a photo."

      ...and that's the point, extremely well made riding pants for a very specific use, but somehow the commenters got stuck on the price (btw it's $299) and not what they are designed for.

      Read the comments, and if you see replies by 'the gear dude' and 'sideoff' these are Mosko guys trying to explain what and who they were designed for.

      If you ride as I do then when you get a chance check them out in person and you'll understand the details, and not question the $ figure

    • Everything Pete, Andrew and the crew dream up and put out for us to buy is top shelf gear IMO.

      I've been a very satisfied customer since the outset.

      No doubt the Woodsman pants will be a superb match for my Basilisk jacket since I've have a nice gravel rash on my Basilisk pants.

      I have both ITB OTB riding britches. I've been in too many down pours with the ITB pants (water does seep into the boots) and not sure they would be my multi-day, week, month, year-long riding pants for that reason.

    • I have both ITB OTB riding britches. I've been in too many down pours with the ITB pants (water does seep into the boots) and not sure they would be my multi-day, week, month, year-long riding pants for that reason.

      over-pants? Works for me

    • I used those years ago. Now I use Klim forecast pants durable. Goretex. Pack very small. And easy to get on over boots especially my MX boots