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    • So I had my grade 9 students create a 60 word precis on the Fact Checker article. I even had some of my grade 7 students do the same. I'm hoping it sinks in for some of them and they start getting into the habit of searching outside a site to evaluate the site's merit. I'll keep on reminding them.

    • As far as journalists go, I think you'd be hard pressed to find many who are more skeptical and smarter than Kara Swisher. And yet even she let the Twitter rage machine undo her badly about the Maga hat-wearing teens the other day and had to apologize a day later.

    • Twitter is a bad platform for critical thinking because it doesn’t allow people to reflect on things or do a deep dive. I think it’s not good for politics. On a related but separate note - many journalists are NOT critical thinkers in regards to science. They are smart and aware of many tricks but aren’t aware of critical thinking rules or methods as learned by skeptics. Not all but many fall victim to these things.