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    • I have owned 4 Subaru Outbacks and mostly the the Subie matches my personal brand to a tee for what I like to do. BUT, I am a tad older and it seems Subie's are more mainstream and mostly their resale values are super high. So, the last few months I have been waiting for a good Volvo XC70 to popup on Autotrader....I have scoured the web and feel confident based on what I have read that finding a 2007+ (ideally 2010+) with 100,000 miles should not really be a scarey ordeal? Not sure if this thread is Cake-worthy...probably barely sponge-worthy, but, if anyone has any personal experience...good or bad, it would be helpful.

    • Hahaha, plenty Cake-worthy. I’ve admired these cars since they debuted but, like you, I bought Subarus. Love them. Someone got me interested in a Jaguar I-Pace and I can’t get it out of my head.

    • I'm also curious what others have to say about this. I own a Subaru and a 2-door VW GTI, but my family is about to expand. I'm going to eventually need to replace the 2-door with something more family-friendly and Volvo is on the short list.

      I love the new XC90 but $$. 😍

    • I am about the ink the deal on the XC70 I posted. I can hardly wait. I will post up once I do with my initial impressions.

    • OMG OMG OMG - So, I have never actually owned an euro import.....I inked the deal on the Volvo (2010 XC70 non-turbo), bought it in LA and drove it back to Vegas last night....A whole different world compared to my Subaru Outback. I got a good deal buying from the original owner with 120K miles but this was a $40K MSRP car brand new and it still feels, rides and looks news. Taking it to the local Volvo dealer for a checkup Monday to get the lowdown...I know I will need to put a new timing belt in.....but, it feels rock solid...and, the Alpine stereo system is sublime. If you are a wagon guy, you might have seen the thread I started in ADV called "I like Station Wagons, I cannot Lie"...turns out I guess there are quite a few people that are bigger fans of wagons versus SUV's....I can hardly wait to get out adventuring in my new rig.

    • That's awesome to hear! I'll proudly admit to being a wagon (and hatchback) fan. I love my Subaru, but there is definitely something to say about the fit and finish of even my GTI.

      It's a shame that wagons and hatchbacks are only popular in Europe. 😤 They get all the best stuff like the Audi RS6 Avant. That's definitely one of my dream cars.

    • I am new to using a key FOB....seems strange to just put a block in your pocket for the day and push on and push off to start the car. I figured out also how to lock the doors automatically when I exit the car and then when I just walk back up they unlock. BUT, I knew I need something to tell my pocket the FOB was, for some strange reason I always go to REI for a my keyrings....well, I had no idea what I was looking for that would work well with a key FOB, but, I scored! Best keychain ever! LOL The FOB is not required to be inserted but I put it there just so I could take the pic......Anyone else get emotionally vested in their keychains? hhahahahah

    • Robert Baker

      Well, the "new" Volvo passed the test yesterday. Had a friend doing a regatta in Lake Mead so I wanted to capture some images.....So, I brought along my kayak but also wanted to ride the tunnels so I brought my mtb. Since the car came with a robust 2" receiver hitch, a hitch mount bike rack was perfect. This particular rack is the newer Yakima EVO. It has some nice features and I saved a hundy at REI this weekend with their sale. Next weekend I am going to head up to Great Basin Natl' Park for some great camping adventures.

    • Just reporting back in with two months under my belt...Just drove back from Yuma, AZ on Friday and it was anywhere from 112-118 degrees on the road and I was pleased with my ability to drive 80-85mph with the a/c blasting strong with no compromise. Comparing this 6 banger to my Subie 4 banger is not fair, but, I HEART this Volvo....

    • Well, it has almost been a year with the Volvo and the love affair has not waned. I am just finding more ways to make this the ultimate utility wagon! It "matches" everything. LOL