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    • I liked this project because I got to vent about what makes me upset about life. I also enjoyed using the pictures that they offer in power point. I have a lot of built up stress from working my job and taking care of my kid. I walk upwards of 11 miles a day being a housekeeper, and then I have to come home and clean the house along with cook dinner for my family. As much as I love keeping busy, even I get worn out by everything I have to keep up with. This was a nice way to vent my feelings.

      My second favorite project was the project of choice. I chose to talk about my summer vacation plans. These plans consist of going to the beaches and pub hopping. I turned 21 not too long ago, but have not done anything fun. Now that my daughter is older, I want to take the time with my family to enjoy a little leisure time. We are constantly working, doing school, and taking care of our daughter. We never seem to get a break from life, so we plan on having some fun this summer.

    • I loved working on "What Grinds my Gears?" as well! Super fun to compain about work for a purpose! I liked your presentation! I liked the consistancy throughout your slides, and the humor you included. The only thing I might change would be to use less words on the slides to keep the readers attention! But overall, loved it!