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    • A few years ago I stumbled onto the fact that there were amazing murals going up on the walls in several towns near me. I'm in awe of the people who have the vision to create these very large pieces of art. As with all art, I like some of the murals and find others not very interesting - but no matter my attraction to the piece I still respect the creativity of the artists.

      One of my favorite mural "places" is the Punto Urban Art Museum in Salem, MA, a creation of the North Shore Community Development Coalition. The last time I wandered there was in August. I have a need to visit again but I will wait until after Halloween. Since I'm not fond of crowds, Salem with its rich history of witchcraft is not a place to visit in the month of October!

      I'd like to share a few of my favorite murals from the walls of Salem’s Point Neighborhood.

      You can find a list of the murals along with photos (not mine but a good reference!) at

      This first mural is untitled, created by Chor Boogie.

    • Even with a wide angle lens I found it difficult to capture some of the murals. This one, also untitled and created by CPWon is on the side of a building close to the ground - in a very narrow alley.

    • Sometimes it's possible to capture two at once - but that doesn't happen too often. These are Catwitch by Okuda (left), and Untitled by Belin (right).

    • Here's the finished mural, Love Child by Chor Boogie. Yes, the colors are a little faded - the photo in the previous post was taken in 2017, this one was taken in 2018.

    • What a great set of images, art work, or murals - really great, Denise!

      I have spent many an afternoon chasing grafitti and petroglyphs and pictographs in many vairied locations - so I really do enjoy these images you have posted! 👍

    • Thanks Richard! I wish they were right here... Salem isn't far but it's about a half hour drive. I always mean to visit more often but that doesn't always happen. I'm ready for another wander through the walls once Halloween is over!

    • I visited Philadelphia a few months ago and happened to learn they have an amazing collection of murals in the city, along with a non-profit organization that is dedicated to their preservation and the dissemination of educational materials about them. Pretty cool!

      <Seems to me this thread could be labeled with the “Urban Art” category, too?>

    • Thanks for the tip about Philadelphia - I'll have to look into that because my mother and sister live outside of Philly. That gives me another set of wandering destinations!

      Thanks for the tip about the "Urban Art" category, I've added that to this topic!

    • I was in a jetski forum this morning and someone used the word "salubrious" in a sentence, so, it compelled me to find an image that would match. LOL This was taken downtown Las Vegas.