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    • Hey guys,
      I have a really odd issue with color calibration of two new MacBook Pro 2018 with the same configuration:
      - 15" display
      - Radeon Pro 560X + Intel UHD Graphics 630
      - macOS 10.13.6

      I started to calibrate the first one with X-Rite i1Display and i1Profiler.
      As soon as the profile is created and loaded, I get strange azure artifacts that replace the black colors displayed on my screen, both images and text.
      It's so strange as if I take a screenshot and I post here, you'll see everything ok, so I had to make a video that you can check here:

      The super strange thing is that the problem persists only if you close the calibration app. If you leave it open, everything is fine. 
      Obviously I thought that the issue was related to X-Rite, but then I decided to calibrate the second MacBook Pro using Spyder 4 Elite, so another brand with another software and another calibration probe. 

      The result is the same, azure artifacts with the created profile (but this time even with the calibration app open).
      Does anybody experience the same issue? Any idea?

    • Hey Francesco!! So amazing to see you here. I have admired your photos for forever.

      I've reached out to a few people to see if they know what's going on with this issue. It's craziness.