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    • Never could write more than a sentence worth shit. So I tell my stories with my photographs.

      to react, to think, to feel, to imagine... if you have even a twinge of one of these things when you look at my photographs - then I count my job done.

      In the same light I look at others photos based not on their technical quality but on the reaction it pulls from me. The stronger the reaction, the better the photo is.

      Just saying 🙂

    • ps I can relate to not being able to write more than a sentence , something I am struggling with on here , I tend to skip the lengthy posts of babble , ain't got time for that,😀. I like to look at pretty pictures📸

    • i get a real sense of emptiness thanks to that generous amount of black negative space in this one. most people don't understand how much you can say by actually eliminating elements from an image and you definitely have a command on that concept in this well done