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    • Kaydin Carlsen

      It rained yesterday and I felt like showing off all the hard work we've been putting into the yard over the last few years.

      *Update* Here's a walk around video after yesterdays little rain.

    • Wow that is vibrant! I like how it looks really natural but also well organized. What area do you live in?

    • I'm in Santa Cruz, CA where it's been Unfortunately, overcast and blehh for the last few weeks. Really hoping for some good sunny hot days soon! Here's a shot of the snapdragons that went in this time last year.

    • You did a really good job layering with the shorter ones in front and taller ones in back. Did you decide on all the plants yourself? If so, bravo!

    • I come from a line a gardeners. My grandfather (88) and my mother (56) are still actively landscaping and gardening for a living. So, I know a fair amount about plants for this area and was raised working with them and for the family. Thanks for the kind words!

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