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    • Admittedly I’ve seen the article but haven’t read it. I’ve definitely noticed with bath toys that are used to squirt water mold will build up in no time at all. I’m not much a fan of bathtub toys but my wife insists... so we will often run some bleach and water mixture into any of the toys that are capable of holding water inside them.

      We’ve definitely cut down the amount they have in there but haven’t gotten rid of them completely. I mean we all had bath toys as kids and have lived to tell about it! Perhaps it helps build the immune system ;)

    • I remember seeing crap squirt out of my kids' tub toys! They both survived their bath experience. Although I would not intentionaly expose children to anything known to be quite harmful, I think trying to keep one's children from being exposed to dirt/germs/bacteria is a losing proposition. It is also a very "First World" practice, and I am not sure it is in their best interests to protect children from exposure to things that might be common in our environment, even if those things are yucky. YMMV

    • I do remember occasionally filling a bowl with bleach water, sucking the water into the rubber duckies and other bath toys that had holes, squishing and squirting it out til they were clean(er). Had forgotten that til I saw your post! I did let my kids chew on the ducks' heads, though. No bad effects 20+ years on, so far...