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    • So excited! It's been a crazy past 6 months since the firestorm in Santa Rosa swept through our Coffey Park neighborhood. Today, we got to see the first iteration of our new home that will replace what we lost on October 9th, 2017.

      We love the direction but are still locking it in! We are in no rush and want to make sure we are rebuilding and being smart about it, but are anxious and excited to get the ball rolling finally!

    • Exciting! Are you making big changes, or rebuilding something pretty close to what was there before?

      It must have been heartbreaking dealing with the devastation and loss after the fire, but it's great that you can take joy in rebuilding.

    • Congrats on getting to the design stage! I hope it’s becoming a pleasant experience at this point.

      I know it must have been whirlwind of sad emotions getting to this point. I’ve driven through the devastation to visit family and friends in the region. The photo from below is from when I drove through in November. For those that haven’t seen it, there are literally entire subdivisions and neighborhoods that are entirely leveled. Nothing remains except foundations and masonry work, like chimneys. The trees are scorched dead, there is toxic waste everywhere, and dead forests blanked with fire retardant. It's eerie. You can’t help but get teary eyed driving through, imagining what homeowners like you have gone through, Cole. You must have been through hell in the last 6 months.

    • I'm still in awe of the devastation that Santa Rosa firestorm has made. One of the best cyclists that I admire - Levi Leipheimer has lost his home too. Yet such a tragedy has brought the community together and to many has started a new chapter in their lives.

      Looks like you are wisely iterating on the new design to get it just right! I know it is tempting to just roll with the proposal to get life back to normal. However, this wisdom of spending the time to build the house you'll love for decades is worth every second of planning.

      Here is a photo from Levi Leipheimer's House that was Destroyed in Northern California Wildfires

    • Having just designed and built a house (but not been through the heart-breaking trauma you’ve endured), I’m now more than ever interested in how other homeowners are designing their houses. Drafting is such a meticulous process that takes so long, but so exciting when you get it right in the end.

      Can you please share elevations and/or interesting aspects of your design? So curious to see 😁

    • All the best for the rebuild, I hope it goes a smooth as possible, I can't begin to imagine what you have been through.
      It seems like CA and parts of Australia are very similar when it comes to wild fires and drought.
      Please share some pics of the rebuild from time to time.

    • We are doing something all new, but still working out details with insurance. All depending on the final settlement with insurance, we may build larger or keep within our same square footage, but rearrange the house to be more of a modern layout that fits out life style.

    • It's but crazy! We also had our first child arrive in December, whom has a major heart defect (going in for his 3 surgery to get it all fix up finally, next week). So, the past 6 months have been... complicated :P But seeing through it and so much to look forward to on the other side.

    • We are still locking it in. The first draft of the layout needs some more work and we are still realizing what we want/can afford from insurance. But I'll be sure to make updates in the future!

    • It's been a weird season here, we are in autumn and it's very dry, hot and windy.
      We have trees that think it's spring and are blossoming for the third time since last winter.
      Last week we had a number of days over 30 celsius (86-92f)
      and no early rain.
      If we don't get rain over our winter we are in for a horror bushfire season come summer.

      We have a large blaze burning in Sydney's south west at the moment miraculously no homes were lost over the weekend.

      We love our national parks in close proximity to the city but it means an increasing number of folk living really close to the bush.

    • Good news, conditions have improved and the fire is under now controland all main roads have reopened.