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    • I think that’s very true: Trump has a devoted following like I don’t remember ever seeing in an American politician. And living in Silicon Valley, you can’t admit you support him.

      However, he does have some big supporters here, like Larry Ellison, Oracle’s founder. My guess is deregulation is what draws many business execs in. Alan would know better than me.

      I wonder where Musk stands. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s an under-the-radar supporter.

    • Good points, there! One thing to keep in mind is Donald Trump has been a topic on Cake for a few years now and Biden was added as a topic a few months ago. But yeah, I still think the fact that Trump has the followers he has on Cake shows how good he is at generating ratings and interest. Although now, I'm not sure it's the kind of ratings/interest that he wants. His ratings seem to be dropping and when he does make headlines, it's for stuff that I can't imagine will appeal to swing voters. If that makes sense.

    • Yeah, @Chris and I talked about this. Some people who aren't willing to admit they'll vote for Trump in public, will feel a lot more comfortable pulling the lever for him behind closed doors or in a private voting booth. They aren't super vocal about it, but they're part of that silent slice of Trump supporters that will still vote for him.

      The same with Biden, actually. I think a lot of people are kind of embarrassed to publicly say they're super gung-ho about Biden when in truth, they actually like him a lot. I was sort of in this camp. Among some of my more liberal friends, I felt a little embarrassed saying I liked Biden more than some more progressives like Warren and Sanders. Mainly because I thought he had more crossover appeal. I tempered down my enthusiasm for Biden in public even though privately, I like him a lot.

      So, it goes both ways, I think.

    • I agree with you but if they can’t see what Trump and the Republicans are doing then they really do have their heads in the sand.

    • There is an old adage in politics that voters vote for charismatic men who overpromise. Trump doesn't have my brand of charisma — I am more drawn to Kennedy's or Reagan's uplifting charisma — but I can see that a big part of the country adores him.

      He's just as polarizing internationally, no? Israelis and Russians love him, Europeans and Asians hate him?

    • Trump speaks in simple language that those who frankly aren’t too smart can understand. That’s one group that likes what he says. Others like the anti-abortion progress he has made. Others are dumber than stumps and fear communism or socialism. Again a few bricks short of a full load. Some don’t like all the immigrants and how they are changing the USA. They have a case to be made. Yet others buy into the whole conspiracies and are dumb even compared to those who don’t realize trump lies. Then their are the rich people who will vote for more tax cuts. Others who don’t like political correctness will vote for him. In truth it sometimes goes a bit far and expectations are such that the average person can’t keep up. Case to be made. Others are so brainwashed calling the left (actually centre or centre slightly right in the USA) libtards. Then there’s the who bunch of people who can’t tell a lie from a truth who have watched far too much Fox News and Hannity and think the Democrats are the antichrist. USA is going to shit sorry to say. Trump is a mere small piece of what’s wrong with the Republicans and the rich elites who have created Fox News and far right media. Little hope left if Biden doesn’t win by a landslide. The end of an empire viewed in front of our eyes. The potential was great. USA has actually done more good in the world than bad but that era has slowed considerably and could come to a screeching halt. When that many people believe in conspiracies and can’t tell truth if it slapped them in the face it’s all but over. I’ll start looking to Europe to save us.

    • Update on Biden and Trumps numbers from various polling companies. My question is what would the Democrats do to bring the country and address many legitimate concerns of Trump supporters in regards to the immigrant issue, overreaction and a lack of flexibility on political correctness as well how to address a lack of jobs for lower educated workers