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    • Is there an easy way to say "thank you" to those who have posted a reaction or a comment? On Google+ I would open "activity" (I am guessing that would be "reactions" on Cake.) and copy names of all who responded in some way to my post and say "thank you" with a list of all who had reacted or commented.

      I tried this here by copying the list of "reactions" and pasted that to a response but saw lots of editing needing to be done to eliminate the times of their posting plus extra letters in front of their names.


    • I think if a person has reacted with a emoji , they wouldn't expect a thank you. If a person has left a comment you can react this emoji🙏 which is a form of thank you, if you would like to reply to more than one person who has left a comment you can @ mention them.

      does this help?

    • Thanks Julianne! Your suggestion seems like a good way of accomplishing a "thank you". 🙏