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    • I just removed a Motoz Tractionator 130/90-18 from my KTM 640 Adventure and installing an old trusty Dunlop 606 130/90-18 I used to have a couple of dirt bikes with 18” wheels and whenever they got worn I’d throw them on my KTM 450exc or street legal Yamaha WR 400. This gave me a lot of experience with how the different tires help you under different conditions. I’ve leaned towards Dunlop and Bridgestone. I’ve tended to do 60/40 (dirt/street) but now I’m doing more street or gravel on my 640. I found the Tractionator burned up at least 2/3 of its rubber on one 675km half gravel half pavement ride. I wasn’t impressed.

      What’s your favourite tires and what is your dirt/street split?

    • Still TKC 80's on Heavy Dual sports if somebody else is paying for them. I have destroyed a rear in a long weekend - but man, the road and off-road - even wet on-road - performance of the things blew me away.

    • I rode a (rented) GS1200 to/from and in Mojave Desert on TKC's. They are amazing. Aired down even, on paved twists of California - scrape pegs. I'm not much of an off road rider but found myself doing 80 mph in red sand, following the pro in front of me. That might have been dumb luck, but the only time I felt unsafe was taking off and slowing down..

      As far as my usual local riding, I have 'discovered' (!) the Dunlop Trailmax Mission lasts me 10,000 american miles (and front could last at least half more of that). With a 80/20 street/gravel riding a Guzzi pig. The Dunlops handle like they have no business to, both on/off road.. I cringe thinking of all Heidenau K60's sets I've endured over the past few years!

    • Cool - I rode that Tiger from Auckland to Wellington on as much dirt road as we could (In NZ that's quite a lot) - on Friday.

      Did the Capital Coast ADV ride on Saturday - A truly epic adventure that visits all the Aerials and masts that perch atop the mountains surrounding Welly-wood. It's one of the best day-ADV on the planet according to the people who'd know.

      Then we rode the 750km blast up SH1 to home in AKL on Sunday.

      I was with some real players from Kiwi Rider Magazine. Well credentialed ADV exponents: The Enduro champ, the Pro Stuntman and some of the real NZ Pioneers of ADV style internationally.

      It would be fair to say I learned a lot (read: massive understatement). I'm not their grade x2. But I did manhandle that Tigger through the challenge sections and had one of the best days I've had on a bike. The Boss said I 'done good'. I was partly there to write it up and take additional pics - and partly because these blokes had become good buddies and were happy to wait occasionally. I didn't keep them for too long though - those Tyres really gave me a lot of confidence on the Kiwi shale.

      I did the same ride 2 years later on a Triumph Scrambler with the standard Trail Wings on it. They gave it to the Stuntman for the challenge sections, but I rode it to and from - and for the majority of the event. I don't understand why they get such a bad rap. I rated them as a good all-round tyre.

      I have much better photos of that second Capital Coast.

      Here the album on flickr

    • I did the Kaipara 200 ADV ride on a Scrambler with TKC 80s as well. I killed that with those tyres fitted too.

      It was run to the North of Auckland in more rolling hills country.

    • I have been slowly refurbishing a BMW G650Xchallenge and it's finally put together enough to actually ride off-road. I'm totally new to off-roading so I threw on a pair of D606s to replace the ancient tires from the previous owner.

      My riding is nowhere close to the 90/10 mix recommended by Dunlop but in the first hundred miles or so — mostly on pavement — it's not so bad. I have nothing to compare them to though!

      My thinking is I shouldn't get a 50/50 tire if I'm new to off-pavement riding. Even if these D606s don't last too long due to long freeway stretches I'm thinking I'd appreciate it more than 50/50s for getting started in dirt. I've only ridden it in dirt for a few miles during a short visit to the motorcycle park last weekend and they felt great for my first time there.

    • The bike looks great. I think you made a good choice leaning towards a more dirt tire to increase your confidence and safety on dirt. Like you said, so long as it’s reasonably affordable. An injury because of a more street/longer lasting tire, saves no one money. Let us know how the tire performs and holds up. Have fun!

    • The TKC-80 is a great front tyre, and my preference. On the road you can use ALL of the tyre, On the rear however while they behave very well they melt like butter. My last one on my 950 Adventure lasted 8 days, 3500km and I wasn't riding aggressively. That wasn't just worn to the wear markers but down to the belts showing through.

      For a rear tyre I'll usually run a Mitas E-09 if I want something chunky or a E-07 if I want something a more road biased. The E-09 might chirp occasionally while down shifting on steep downhills but I've never had worse than that.

      I've run those combinations on big KTM's, Airhead BMW's, DR250, and my current DR650 and for me they suit all round combo. My riding is now generally hard packed tracks 90 road/10 offroad but I've run those combo's on all sorts of terrain including sand and deep mud with the E-09 rear.

    • I’d be excited to get 3500km on a Dualsport tire but of course I ride mostly dirt and aggressive tires. That TKC-80 sure sounds popular among adventure riders.