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    • The other half of engineers think he's a God, because he can get the world's attention for what they're doing, and they feel his exaggerations are necessary to get there.

      Very interesting. If looking purely from technology progress, and business success views, he created a culture whereby anything that goes as a means to an end is approved and supported by majority who follows his orders. Much like a cult. And maybe most geniuses are a bit mad and this is to be expected?! I hope video below wasn't already shared on Cake but think it resonates on this topic (if it was already shared here, apologies)

    • We need bold people who are not aware of the limits or refuse to accept them. Elon Musk, for all of his faults is a hero to me. Who else presents a bold vision of a better future and says lets all do this together?? I mean who say to their competition he hopes they succeed and do great things? He does and he means it.