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    • We need bold people who are not aware of the limits or refuse to accept them.

      Yes, and respectfully not to challenge the statement, but think how Hitler too was bold. I am an admirer of out the box thinking and non conformism, but my idea is those who promote it should be allowed to do so solely based on values they bring and somehow perhaps have less of a sacrificial attitude or the arrogance to claim priority over other society rules or needs. Is it a paycheck then it's a business and profit trumps everything, let's not fool ourselves with delusions of warm and fuzzy world progress, when in fact we have so much to fix concerning life's basics.

      As a side perspective, think how Nikolas Tesla ended poor after a life of research dedicated to science which he selflessly offered to the world. I do not know much about Musk's technical contribution, and because of that I could be wrong, but to me he appears allot more a business man with ambitious vision, than an inventor.