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    • That was an amazing article.

      Elon seems like a very troubled and slightly toxic guy. More than anything else, it sounds like he needs a therapist; someone he can confide in who will help him deal with his mental health issues. And it would probably be much better for Tesla in the long run if he took a step back and let other people handle more of the day to day responsibilities at the company.

      This quote from a Tesla employee really struck me:

      “Just think about it: We designed a car that is so simple and elegant you can build it in a tent. You can build it when your CEO is melting down. You can build it when everyone is quitting or getting fired. That’s a real accomplishment. That’s amazing.”

      "Simple" and "elegant" are among the top adjectives I would use to describe my Model 3. It really is something special, and after reading that article I'm not sure how they managed to pull it off.

      I think Tesla's biggest problem right now is that they're only good at the things Elon cares about, and they're terrible at everything he doesn't care about. This seems like the kind of thing that happens when employees are scared of the boss. They do whatever it takes to make sure he's either happy or unaware: whichever is least likely to get them fired.

      For Tesla to really thrive, its employees need to feel comfortable raising issues and pushing back when necessary rather than staying quiet and burying problems. Especially when Elon's pushing so hard for things like full self-driving. If someone fails to speak up about a design flaw or an over-aggressive timeline because they're worried Elon will fire them, people could die.

    • I absolutely agree with this: "with a bold, clear vision that matters". After watching this video

      I couldn't help but think how the employees that work for SpaceX are probably as interested in shaping the future of humanity as they are in making a paycheque. Of course we all have to have food and shelter but having something inspiring to work on is a huge driver. SpaceX and rocket science is very risky and of course stressful. The stakes are so high it'd be hard to imagine someone could act like Mr. Spock when things are going wrong.

      Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company and Hyperloop are risky businesses and it only makes sense that things would be a roller coaster ride.