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    • In John Ronson’s book, Psychopath Test, he administers the test to “Chainsaw” Al Dunlap, the turnaround CEO at Sunbeam. Not only does Dunlap score high on the test, he provides justification for why his answers are correct. It’s scary to see how matter of fact he is in justifying his actions.

      Do you remember the Star Trek episode The Enemy Within, where a transporter malfunction splits Kirk into two personas? The moral was that leadership requires empathy and ruthlessness.

    • The thing I always wonder is how good could these companies have been if they had brilliant leaders who weren't assholes?

      Sure seems to me that the vast majority of companies (tech??) that have 'brilliant leaders' have assholes.

      We'll leave @Chris out of the conversation for just a sec, but how about a list of those tech companies that have leaders that aren't assholes.