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    • As far as combining empathy with ruthlessness, that sounds like Bezos.

      The article about gig economy workers was Interesting. It would have been helpful to get a sense of the hourly rates in the Midwest, where $18 an hour would be worth more, as well as what the working conditions were like delivering in the suburbs where you don’t have to climb nine flights of stairs for each residential customer. Also, the opening story made me wonder, why didn’t he bring a dolly with him in his car? Not every commercial building or appartment building is going to have an elevator. It would’ve avoided this.

      I’m sure I looked comical as I staggered down a downtown San Francisco street on a recent weekday, arms full of packages—as I dropped one and bent down to pick it up, another fell, and as I tried to rein that one in, another toppled.

      Did the training videos fail to mention this idea or did the deliverer forget to bring one?

      I used to just read articles and absorb them, allowing a journalist’s slant or point of view to wash over me and accept their conclusions without challenging them. But then I joined Cake and read about how people just accept the truth of anti-vaxxer videos. And now after two months on Cake, I feel that I’m starting to notice when an article is incomplete. Where there isn’t enough information to agree with the conclusion they’re trying to lead me to. And now I’m starting to question more.

      See what you’re doing to us, @Chris !!!