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    • The engineers I know at Tesla are like the engineers I knew who worked for Steve: some of them are driven INSANE by the things Musk will say about about their projects. He promises dates they can't hit. He demands features without being fully informed about how hard they are to do, or how impractical. He says things to the press that make engineer's heads explode.

      For example, in his recent 60 Minutes interview, he took his hands off the wheel to show Leslie Stahl the advanced features of Autopilot. Some of the engineers lost their minds because he keeps abusing features like that, causing confusion in consumer minds about what Autopilot is, and exaggerating what it can do — making them look bad because when they can't deliver his exaggerated promises it reflects on them.

      The other half of engineers think he's a God, because he can get the world's attention for what they're doing, and they feel his exaggerations are necessary to get there.