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    • The goal shouldn't be how can one get ripped in 30 days, but how can one build a lifestyle that would let them have a nice body and feeling healthy overall. 

      I completely agree with that incremental or iterative approach to lifelong betterment. It’s funny but yesterday there was

      C H E E S E C A K E

      in the break room at work.

      As I’ve shared with @Victoria and others here, that delicious dessert is a favorite.

      However, I realized that cheesecake has the same food addiction profile for me as ice cream (high fat + megadoses of sugar). So I passed on the

      C H E E S E C A K E

      and ate a tasty bowlful of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries instead.

      I did read some of the reviews for the book Finding Ultra and there were some angry/disappointed book reviewers:

      The bad: he never really tells you. Always opting for generalities, he tells you about the "power" of plants, loaded with "nutrients". He claims to have read all the scientific literature on the topic, but all he can muster is a stray footnote to an article on CNN or Bloombergnews.

      The ugly: the book comes across as a vehicle for product placement. Buy a Vitamix blender! My specialized Transition S bike is so good! My proprietary blend of wacky vegan foods will make you as healthy as me... for the low, low price of (unknown, never bothered to check any of the websites he pimps in his book)! 

      @VilTri Was the book mainly helpful in transforming your mindset, or were there practical suggestions as well that helped in getting from where you were to where you wanted to be?

    • The book Finding Ultra isn’t a step-by-step tutorial on how to turn around your life nor how to eat healthy. Instead, it is a memoir of Rich Roll’s life and how he went through the depths of depression and deteriorating health in his 40s. From being a world class swimmer with a full scholarship to Stanford, to becoming an overweight and depressed lawyer with a long history of alcoholism.

      It is a story of reaching a fulcrum point in life and making a dramatic decision to completely upend all of his habits, beliefs and values. But he didn’t just stop there he kept going and achieved something that had never been done before by anyone. He completed 5 Ironman distance events on 5 different Hawaiian islands in under a week.

      His struggles in life and how he turned it around is what truly inspired me to do something with my life. There aren’t many books that inspired me to make difficult changes, but this book did.

    • apm, you might be interested in this book by the former FDA commissioner under Bush 1 and Clinton, then dean of Yale's Medical school. He was famous as the commissioner who cracked big tobacco. He has both law and medical degrees and taught in both Columbia Law school and the Eistein School of Medicine.

      What's significant about the book is that Kessler studied food engineering, what food companies do so you can't eat just one. It's very eye-opening.