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    • Betsy, thank you so much for joining us for this Cake panel! So can you tell us a bit about your journey and what inspired you to start Tiny Organics. You'd previously created products for Mattel, Hasbro and MindCandy, as well as being the Founder and CEO of Wondermento (the creator of the WonderWoof Dog Activity tracker). What attracts you to product design
      and creation? How do you know a winning idea when you see one?

    • I'm a builder at heart, I grew up tinkering in the garage building motorcycles with my dad and then went on to study industrial design and engineering. As a woman in tech, I feel so fortunate to have been taken seriously as an inventor/builder from an early age, it caused me to believe in myself and that I could achieve anything I work hard for. 

      I build from passion, each of my inventions have been born from a real problem that I have experienced first hand. For instance, with WonderWoof, I invented it for my furbaby Whisky as he was overweight and now he is down to his goal weight because of the device, which can extend his life up to 2 years. 

    • Something interesting about Tiny Organics is your 100 Flavors statement: "focusing' on your baby and toddler’s personalized nutrition ensuring that they taste their first 100 flavors before the age of two to help build an adventurous eater for life." Can you tell us a bit more about the science behind this idea? Why 100 flavors, and what are some of these key flavors? 

    • These are all such great questions, Victoria! We have included 100 Flavors in order to build a more adventurous and savory forward eater for life. We have built out these key ingredients/tastes with our Neo-Natal Nutritionist from NYU and in collaboration with Tufts School of Nutrition. We deeply believe in these core flavors being rooted in nutritional science, ensuring that your toddler is getting what they need during specific stages of development. Some of those core flavors include traditional "Baby Led Feeding" go-tos, such as broccoli, carrot, sweet potato and banana. Over 70% of our 100 Flavors are savory forward and the remaining are essential fruits. 

    • You offer several different delicious-sounding food menu delivery plans - or options a la carte for meals like Valencian Paella, Ratatouille, The Wizard of Orzo, Coconut Curry, and more! How do you suggest a parent or guardian choose what meal plan is right for them?

    • We have built out a programmatic approach to childhood development through food. When the parent signs up on our website with Tiny they will be guided through a series of questions about their little one, which will recommend particular recipes based on their child's specific
      needs and age. 

    • Our best seller is the Coconut Curry and the Apple Pie Oatmeal is a close second. These are all recipes that I personally would not know how to prepare myself and we get this feedback all the time, because they are so well designed and curated by our chef. 

    • We recommend beginning Tiny from 9 months of age, but we have had parents start younger. We have developed Tiny using ingredients/flavors that are science backed and research driven. There are so many sugary options on the market and are set apart by being savory first. We do have children ages 5 and up also enjoying Tiny as a healthy side or snack. 

    • Yes, Tiny is completely allergen-free. We are also vegan, kosher, gluten free, non-gmo and all plant based. This was so important as we believe in healthy eating for all babies. 

    • We have 100 Founding Families that have been testing our recipes since day one and helped us get to our core 12 hero products. My son devours 3 cups a day and can't get enough, this has been the feedback from our Founding Families as well.  

    • We have tested with hundreds of cups to our Founding Families, and have been able to almost completely eliminate any kind of plastic, making us the most recyclable solely carton based packaging on the market.