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    • I've been hand pouring my coffee every morning for the last 2 years. I absolutely love the taste and the process. Although it is fun to have a routine, sometimes I just don't feel like going through the motions and so I've been pondering about getting an automatic Pour-Over Coffee machine to do the job. There are days when I just want to press the button, come back in a few minutes and enjoy a freshly brewed cup.

      After doing a quick research I really liked the design and features of Ratio Eight Coffee Maker but it is so damn expensive!

      Has anyone found an alternative or have any experience with automatic pour-over coffee makers that are a bit cheaper but still of nice build quality and easy to use?

    • As a non coffee drinker I've never heard of pour over coffee. Is there supposed to be some advantage to that? I'd be curious of the science involved.

    • Pour-over is a method of brewing coffee (normally manual) where you pour hot water over grounds through a filter and directly into a cup. During such process you have full control of the temperature of the water, size of the grounds and amount of water poured over a specific amount of time. It provides the most flavor and the least amount of acidity than other common methods.

      First time I tried it, I complained that it tasted like "watered down" coffee because of the lack of acidity. Now I am a full convert and my stomach is a lot happier.

      According to this research paper it preserves the most amount of Chlorogenic acids which are a class of polyphenols noted for their health benefits.

    • Most diehard coffee enthusiast I know consider the Chemex to be the holy grail of pour overs. I was wondering the same thing, so I searched for an automatic Chemex coffee drinker and found the Ottomatic 2.0. Does anyone know how well it performs? Customer reviews are limited.

      I don't enjoy coffee enough to buy a $350 machine, though I am inclined to to get the OXO @Chris mentions. Considerably cheaper, reviews are decent, and the Wirecutter has never lead me astray.

    • I have to admit, I facepalmed when I saw this machine. I have a ceramic cone filter and a kettle. I would not spend $350 to save 30 seconds each morning.

    • It's definitely my favorite cup of brew. One good cup of my rocket fuel and I'm ready for the day. Friends rave about my coffee. I appreciate the compact set up as well as being able to carry it on camping trips or when staying at a friend's house overnight.

      Yes. I bring my own coffee set up when I travel. 😋

    • Get the Behmor Connect. It has a great app and allows you to customize the formula. Not as pretty as the Ratio though...

    • Technivorm Moccamaster wasn’t even on my radar!

      Thank you for suggesting it @coffee. Looks like there are so many configurations of it starting from a single cup to multi-cup carafe. Also it is around $250-$350 which is almost half of the price of Ratio.

    • Don't forget a good dosing bean grinder. I have a Breville that helps me control extraction and it's really helped me be consistently excellent coffee. Mine is a "dosing grinder", which precisely controls quantity and grind size.

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