Looking for the next big thing? It could be Cake.

We’re creating something truly great that could become a household name. Come join us to work on a cutting-edge stack and to craft something new. It could change the way we have conversations online.

Current Openings

Contact chris@cake.co for a chance to build something great that makes a difference.


Three of us are based in Silicon Valley and one in Portland. At this stage we all work remotely. We prefer candidates in Silicon Valley, but we’re open to other locations not too many hours from our time zone.


We’re backed by both VCs and a founder. We offer good health insurance, a fair salary, and early stock.

The Team

Vilen Rodeski, Brian Strong, Chris MacAskill, and Ryan Grove have worked together for years and have a ton of mutual respect. Chris co-founded SmugMug and Fatbrain, and provided the initial monies for Cake.

Vilen, Brian, Chris, and Ryan on a beach in Hawaii

We believe in working hard, but not at the expense of family or life. We love transparent communication, trust, and respect. We’re allergic to drama and, ahem, assholes.